ìYou Build It, We Burn It.î Field of Dreams meets Nightmare on Elm Street.

The stupidity that abounds in this world never ceases to amaze me. More and more my list of people who shouldnít be on the planet grows longer. The link below is to an article posted about an arson fire that occurred just a few days ago down here in San Diego.


Synopsis: residents/neighbors in La Jolla woke up to find a newly constructed apartment building (it was still vacant) completely engulfed in flames. Fire department evacuated nearby residents to safety ñ no one was hurt, but people claimed the heat was so intense, their window blinds melted.

FBI discovered it was arson by a little group called E.L.F. (Environmental or Earth Liberation Front). Why? Well, being the good little earth-lovers that they are, they claim to be against any and all urban development/growth because it harms the earth.

Okay so fine. Hereís my beef with this knuckleheaded attitude. Letís start with the obvious. Starting fires to burn stuff down: 1) might kill people. Not a very nice thing to do. 2) damages the earth. Hellooooo ñ arenít we trying to save the damn place? Oh okay, so letís damage it some more? Hmm, itís true Iím not a biologist. In fact, I hated that class. I was hungover every day I took it, but really. Iíve yet to find the intelligence in these actions. 3) so these elven yahoos burn down housing complexes, etc. in the attempt to halt urban growth. So youíre saving, what ñ a vacant lot? Itís not like rainforest was getting cut down to build this apartment building. It was a vacant lot in the middle of the city. Not much else to DO with a vacant lot, except build on it. 4) Not to mention theyíre destroying a HOUSING complex! Oh okay so people shouldnít have a place to live? At least a housing complex is useful; youíd think that if they wanted to ìhalt urban growthî theyíd burn something superfluous down, like the Padresí new stadium (ha, what a joke that is. No one goes to see them anyway.). But seriously, imagine how many people donít have a place to live now? If they were locals, well, they might be able to stay in their original places. But what about those folks relocating for new jobs or whatnot? Talk about getting screwed.

Look, Iím all for saving the environment. I recycle, I carpool every chance I get, I walk or ride my bike instead of driving short distances, hey ñ Iíve even planted a few trees in my lifetime. I love the earth, I love the environment, I completely agree that we need to save what little there is left. HOWEVER the sad fact of the matter is this: the worldís grossly overpopulated. People keep producing more people and they all gotta live somewhere. Until stupid people stop breeding I donít think the urban growth is gonna stop anytime soon ñ and terrorism sure as hell isnít gonna do much more to help the situation either.

Hey hereís a thought: instead of burning things down, maybe start handing out more birth control.