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Lauren and I are heading to fountain bowl.

Hi, for those of you in the OC or LBZ, there will also be bowling at Fountain Bowl this Wednesday, November 30.

Here are the particulars:

Yes, they have a fountain. But it doesn't seem to work.
Yes, they have a grill. I haven't eaten there.
Yes, they have karaoke!
Yes, they have a "hump day special" for $1.99 per game.
Yes, you have to get there at 8:30 to wait for a lane at 9:00 p.m.
Yes, Kevin and I will be there.

Check the website for directions.

Bayshore-Wed, Nov 30

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Hey Bowlfliers, It's "Quartermania" @ Bayshore this (and every) Wed. It's my first night after the semester's over so I'm in a bowling mood. The stats:
Location: Pico & 4th in Santa Monica
Time: 9:00 pm sharp (I will get there at 8 to get a ticket. Yes, it's that popular)
Price: $5 cover + 25 cents for everything else (per game, shoes, Cokes, coffee, popcorn) (ie: 3 games and a shoe rental if nec'y will run you $6)
Diner: Yes, and pretty good, too.
Bar: Yes, good quality for a bowling bar.
Freeway accessible: One minute off the 10 Fwy. Take 4th St exit which is the last exit on the 10 West before PCH.
Occulator's cell: 310-339-7245. Please give me an accurate headcount since I have to shell out the cover in advance and I don't want to lose $15..

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