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Tink is back!!!

Well, I didn't really go anywhere just took some time out for a bit of self-discovery/improvement/transformation. Call it what you like but I'm almost complete with a Leadership program that has lasted for a about 4 months. It has helped me improve my relationships i.e., family, intimate, friendships,working, it has helped me feel physically and emotionally better about myself, I have lost over 10lbs and it has helped me be even more effective in my businesses. It's not therapy and it's not out to "fix" you, it examines what's working and what's not working in every aspect of your life from relationships to finances. It ignites the fires where the burners have become low or went out. The island called me has rebuilt bridges that have been broken, torn down the ones that don't and built new ones and continuing to build more.
What I got out of it for me was therapy, honestly. I have been up, down, in, out with depression for so long that doing this program really helped. I think it shrunk 10 years of counseling down to 4 months. I'm not going to say it's a miracle but it's pretty close.
Also, it helped me realize that life isn't so bad, that I truly do have it good, and that there was really never anything wrong with me, it's just how I internalized and interpreted it and that I let so much consume me. It's also showed me how I was hiding out, how I wasn't letting people get to know the real me ( who is powerful, passionate, creative, sexy and authentic woman) and how I procrastinate and how it creates this huge stressful drama that I never wanted in the first place and it showed me how I take for granted many important people in my life and learn to appreciate them. It also helped me find my voice. To finally speak up and say how I feel. And it's o.k to say no.
And it teaches the value about giving. Just how giving can make such a difference in this world. I just completed a community service project with my Team. We helped the Midnight Mission in downtown L.A. It's a homeless shelters that not only feeds and clothes the homeless but offer other services to get people back on their feet and back into the communities.
On Sunday, normally the shelter does not hand out lunches, so my Team and I, made over 300 lunches and also collected clothing to hand out. It was an amazing opportunity.
I'm starting a record label, well it's still is a band management co. but taking it to the next level. I'm so excited because this is something that I've always wanted to do. And I'm recommitting myself to barflies.net. You will see my by-line more from now on because I have A LOT to say.
So when can I start bowling again?

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