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January 27, 2006

Meet Luella


I'm excited. Really excited. With the excitement that I usually reserve for an amazing band or an After-Christmas Sale. Yes, that excited. You see, my favorite store Target, has just introduced "GO International," a fashion launch featuring a rotating cast of hot designers, each hawking their designer-turned-mass-merchandising wares for ONLY 90 days.


The first designer: Luella Bartley, whose style has been described as "punk meets preppy" and "girlish charm with rocker smarts." Think plaid skirts, skinny ties, rugby stripes, cherry print. Items are already up on the Target site for pre-order, which seems strange (pre-ordering things from Target!), but Target, who has done genius things with Isaac Mizrahi and their reintroduced, limited edition Fiorucci line, continues to surprise and delight me! Let's face it - the gulf between mass retailer Target and competitors Wal-Mart and K-Mart is so wide now, I don't see how the others can catch up! Now let's enjoy the ride as Target chases retailers H&M on a madcap romp through juniors fashion. This bargain-basement fashionista is ready to roll! I think you know where I'll be Wednesday. (Luella launches on Wednesday, February 1 at the Target near you).

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