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March 31, 2005

April 1st Film Releases

The Internet buzz that has been building for months has finally come to head and it's time to pop it like the pimple that it is! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Beauty Shop is finally out in theaters! Let your extensions down and pile on the curl relaxer because nothing says artistic expression better than Queen Latifa in a tight pair of pants.

1) Beauty Shop
2) Sin City
3) Kontroll

Happy April Fools!

Sin City
Now this is a little bit of gritty crime drama that I can get behind. Frank Miller's Sin City graphic novel series has been heralded as an artistic masterpiece and I have never seen a movie try to stick to the vision of original author better than this movie. If you don't believe me, check this out. See it. Live it. LOVE it.

Beauty Shop
I was joking people.

Look at Me
A fat girl with a famous father has a general outlook of cynicism towards every man that shows interest in her because she thinks it's all because of her genealogy and not because they genuinely find her attractive. Meanwhile, her father, the only man she wants any attention from, completely ignores her.
Can you see the clichés coming from a mile away? Are you blind?

Dust to Glory
A documentary about the Baja 5000. I hear it's good, but I'm not really into motor sports. Glamis freaks will flock, I'm certain.

A story about murder, love, and mayhem in the subway tunnels of Budapest. Yes, it really made the top two. Word from the festival circuit says it's visually stunning and takes you for an unexpected, fast paced ride.
Go for it. Life is short. Take a chance on a little independent film from the Eastern Block.

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