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Jen Hanen!Name: Jenifer Hanen
Job: Editor, Web Desiger (Hire Me!), Webmistress, Creative Kid, Bad Bowler, etc.
Place: Orange, CA - like to drive, can cross LA county line...
Why: I love music, I love the internet, I love doing this weird combo of art/text/photo/music. Makes me happy.
Seeking: Creative, Interesting, Intelligent 30something single man.... or another great cd to listen to...
Loves: loud music, driving way too fast, dancing, reading, cooking, blogging, and roadkill (esp. smushed kitties - JOKING - ok maybe not)....

Name: Ashley Marcella aka Ashley-Kiana.
Job: school/life. being young. for barflies: reviewing cds and shows and my SF calender (GO LOOK AT IT).
Place: half the year- Redwood City,CA (San Francisco Bay Area) other half- La Mirada,CA (La County).
Why: Music is almost everything. I love it. I'm addicted.
Seeking: more and more music and a summer job.
Loves: SF, music, writing, my car, good friends, vintage and thrift store clothes, shows, food, sleep, people, and a good hardcore show.

Name: Julie "Wanda" Espy
Jobs: Program Director and dj - KUCI, corporate trainer, writer, music critic, scenester
Place: Orange, CA - north county rocks!
Why: I can't stop.
Seeking: The perfect vodka gimlet and someone to drink it with.
Loves: Country music, college radio, flirting, vintage clothes, very good cocktails.
Wanda writes features for and considers herself brutally honest in print. She believes in the magic of Good Hair

Name: Lucky Laura DiPalma, aka “The L”
Bon Vivant & Wannabe Lounge Singer
the LBC (yo yo)
Because I just can’t help myself, dah-ling
Nothing. It’s a Zen thing, ya know?
Mohawks, champagne, vintage lingerie, Japanese gardens, flirting, Bond films, mid-century modern design & miscellaneous kitsch