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Better Late than Never

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Tink's PRB 05
I always enjoy this weekend. What more can you ask for? Bowling, friends, cute boys, Bowling, Flock of Goo Goo and well. . . Bowling.

The highlight of my weekend was finally getting to see Flock of Goo Goo. They were a blast.
I felt that I did extremely well at bowling ( thank you handycap from last year). Next Year here I come.
can anyone say top 15 teams???
Also, Congrats to the Bad News Bowlers and welcome our new team Lauren and the Irish Brothers!
I will be loading up pics soon enough . . . For now I hope this suffices.

So does anyone want to go bowling?

My Bowling Ball

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I found my bowling ball in the closet the other day. I brushed some dust and cobwebs off of it.
I thought I heard it growl at me.

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