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Photo by Ms. Jen

You will show your love and devotion to Barflies.net all year long - smooch us, buys us nice bottles of wine or good drinks, visit the website often...

We have Launch. Punk Rock Bowling 2004 Photo Essay

11 am drinking at Sam's Town
Bob McPherson and Ali Rashidi plus other San Diego boys at the Atrium Bar of Sam's Town just before 11 am on Sat. Morning...

Happy Valentine's Day one and all. I am currently processing all the Punk Rock Bowling 2004 photos right now and will not be departing from my computer until they are done and launched. That's right, on Valentine's Day...

In payment for my love and dedication to you all, next time you see me give me dark chocolates (preferably Godiva), tell me you love me and give me a big hug.

p.s. The Message Board is back.
p.p.s. I work faster and better with chocolate...

Goodbye Java Lanes?


The Long Beach City Council approved a request today to build condos where the Java Lanes bowling alley now stands..... it is a sad day for bowlers and mid-century preservationists alike :-(

See the full article in the Gazette for more info

Here We Go!


Marlene flashes, PRB 2002

Rev your engines, All Bowlers prepare for Take Off! Wahooooooo.....

The Day has arrived: Day One of DIY Punk Rock Bowling 2004!

4 Days Until Lost Wages!

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Team Barflies.net - Lisa, Yvonne, and Rae - PRB 2003

The Barflies.net team(s) have a tradition of spending the hour before we have to report to bowling getting all gussied up and drinking sangria, even if it is only 12 noon .... ;o)

The Boy With The Most Cake: John "Partybear" Chapman with lots of cute girls!

The Show Must Go On! Or at least the Punk Rock Bowling must go on... A little thing like the Castaways closing has not detered 424 bowling punk rockers, we will be at Sam's Town, in Las Vegas, this upcoming weekend for our annual tournament.

We will bowl in two shifts, 1-4pm and 9-11:30pm, on Saturday, and then the best 32 teams will go to the finals on Sunday. Please come on down and cheer the two Barflies.net teams on!

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