January 15, 2007

4 Days to Go... Countdown to Punk Rock Bowling 2007


The Countdown to Punk Rock Bowling 2007... We are now 4 days away from Lost Wages and too much fun.

Photo by Jenifer Hanen on 02.19.05 of Maria, Julie Wanda and Louis at Punk Rock Bowling 2005.

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January 13, 2007

6 Days to Go... Countdown to Punk Rock Bowling 2007


The Countdown to Punk Rock Bowling 2007... We are now 6 days away from Lost Wages and too much fun.

02.18.05 - Some fellow drinking in the hallway of the Gold Coast as we were arriving. Bless PRB.

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January 11, 2007

8 Days to Go... Countdown to Punk Rock Bowling 2007


The Countdown to Punk Rock Bowling 2007 begins. We are now 8 days away from Lost Wages. For the next 8 days, I will countdown with photos from PRB 2005.

Photo from 02.18.05 - Photo by Jen Hanen with her Casion Exlim Z40 at Punk Rock Bowling 2005.

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April 13, 2005

Better Late than Never

Tink's PRB 05
I always enjoy this weekend. What more can you ask for? Bowling, friends, cute boys, Bowling, Flock of Goo Goo and well. . . Bowling.

The highlight of my weekend was finally getting to see Flock of Goo Goo. They were a blast.
I felt that I did extremely well at bowling ( thank you handycap from last year). Next Year here I come.
can anyone say top 15 teams???
Also, Congrats to the Bad News Bowlers and welcome our new team Lauren and the Irish Brothers!
I will be loading up pics soon enough . . . For now I hope this suffices.

So does anyone want to go bowling?

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February 24, 2005

Lauren's 2005 Bowling Highlights

This was my first year and I had a great time. My weekend was G Rated compared to Kitty's, but there's always next year.

This is my top 10:
1) The Famous Jews and Hairdos word search in Fran Magazine during the playoffs. That last Jew still plagues me. We quizzed every member of the tribe and no one knew. Not even the Westside Moyles knew.
Brian is convinced that it was Gene Simmons, but Jen isn't so sure. (I'm going with Brian on this one. If you have that issue, look for Gene)
2) Champagne and Irish whisky in the girls room.
3) Anyone want a Rice Crispy Treat? I still have leftovers.
4) Free vodka shots at Pink E's on the first night
5) The singing wait staff at Le Provencal. Later on I broke into an aria of my own and Jen was nice enough to comment that I had missed my calling. "Yes" I replied, "I could have been a waiter."
6) Flock of Goo Goo on night one.
7) The loser at the Manic Hispanic show who tried to impress me by bragging about his life plan of continuing to suck off the parental teat. The gene pool is closed to him. CLOSED!!!
8) Almost getting proposed to in the elevator by a guy I had just met. At least his father approved.
9) My brand new "Hot Karl" shirt. I will treasure it always, but the Irish Brothers are still getting purple and black bowling shirts for next year.
10) All the cute guys! Where are they the rest of the year?

Dirty Rotten Posers - 94th. Next year, we'll be in the top 70!

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Kitty's Big Bad list of Bowling Bamboozlement

1. Kowalski bowler Todd Price getting kicked out of the Gold Coast for taking off his pants after the awards ceremony.
2. Ali being too drunk to stand, and being given a bowling ball as a joke, bowls a srike.
3. Repeating the point above the second day, and him bowling a spare
4. Craig Lima's series of consecutive gutterballs getting us into the playoffs.
5. April and Rob's wedding with Elvis, who liked like Roy of Seigfried and Roy, and them having to "do over" their walk down the aisle due to technical difficulties.
6. The ride in the van on the way to the wedding.
7. The hootenanny in the hotel room busted by hotel security
8. Walking out of the elevator at 3 am and seeing a "popcorn trail" of little notes saying "Girls" with arrows that pointed to a room wiht a bunch of passed out guys
9. Hotel security coming to our room, and we thought it was Mike, joking. "Are you dressed?" they asked. "No!", I said, as I let in the rent-a-cops to make sure we weren't throwing beer bottles out the window.
10. Jason "My Middle Name Is Phuc" first wanting me to carry him like a baby and have his photo taken, then pulling out his penis to wrap it wiht his belt, and failing that, trying to teabag a girl passed out on the couch.
All the amazing friends we made, re-connected with, met in person after chatting on myspace.com and drank with!

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February 17, 2005



This is a test photo from my camera phone to see if I can send pics from my phone directly to this blog. Successful.

Tomorrow morning we leave for the 7th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament for three and a half days.

I will be blogging it from my Nokia 7610 camera phone to this Blog. Keep watching for fun photos!

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February 15, 2005

Friday Night Pre-Party

Hello Barflies.net-ters and Friends,

We will be having our Friday Night Pre-party at the Ladies Room before the Flock of Goo Goo show at Pink E's.

The Pre-Party will be from 8pm - 9:30pm. Bring a beverage, and let's have some fun!

We will call around on Friday when we arrive to let you know the room number.

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Sangria and Food

Ok, I need a count of who wants to participate in the Annual Sangria adventure..... Let me know if you want to drink Sangria with Tink and I...

Also for the Ladies Room, I will be bringing the cooler per usual, Wanda wants to get a mini-fridge for the room, so if you want to store food, let me know.

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