January 17, 2007

4 Days to Go... Countdown to Punk Rock Bowling 2007


Only two days to Go... countdown to Punk Rock Bowling 2007!

My primary memory last year was being so sick with a headcold and the flu that I couldn't drink, couldn't eat, and couldn't remember much besides going to the Right Aid with Lucky to get kleenex and DayQuil and shopping for Sandra's wedding dress on the last day. I don't remember bowling! I am not even sure how I drove home, but I do know I was in bed for two days afterward! And not from partying!

This picture was taken Friday night when the full force of my sickness hadn't yet hit me. I was on cold medicine and not drinking. These fellows were luckier than I was.

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May 03, 2006

Sandra and Justin

Oochie Smoochie


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