DIY Bowling - Sun. 2/9/03
Photos by Jenifer Hanen (
If we have names wrong, email us the corrections! ;o)

5th Annual DIY Bowling Tournament
Big Giant Thanks To BYO Records!!!!
3rd Annual Photo Coverage of the Best Drunk Punk Event on the Planet!

April the Bombshell! Ms.Bombshell's best of bowling 2003

- watching Larry* from Ten Pin slide halfway down the bowling lane on his first bowl.
- winning bigtime $bling$bling on miss Marilyn Monroe's 5 cent slot machine.
- sippin' 40z (or LongIslands) until the wee hours of the morning and then razing hell on the 20th floor; the effectiveness of the Binion security force doesn't scare me...!!
- bowling my personal best on the worst hangover EVER! go figure. to hell and back.
- having crazy old "Vegas men" pick up on the Barflies girls.
- "Watch out for that mouse!"
- watching the strip bowling a few lanes down.
- trying to get Drew's* snap pants off while bowling.
- eating "almost authentic" French bread at Paris.
- chillin' with the Barflies "crew" and our cheerleading crew!! of course!!
- SEX. $10

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent [editor – or was that the guilty?].

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All Photos by Jenifer Hanen except where noted.
© 2003

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