DIY Bowling -Sun. 2/9/03
Photos by Jenifer Hanen (
If we have names wrong, email us the corrections! ;o)

5th Annual DIY Bowling Tournament
Big Giant Thanks To BYO Records!!!!
3rd Annual Photo Coverage of the Best Drunk Punk Event on the Planet!

Jen and Charlie!Ms. Jen’s best of DIY Bowling 2003:
1) All the cute punk men. This is my fave thing EVERY year.
2) Manic Hispanic’s team moving away from us to be closer to cute girls in the 90s gave us a better deal in the trade: The Ten Pin Management team – Hot Guys From Boston!!!! Wahooo! Thanks Steve & Pinch!
3) Tormenting Karl.
4) Paris Buffet on Saturday night with the gang. Sushi at Osaka with the girls on Sunday. Proper meals with vegetables are essential while in Vegas.
5) Dropkick Murphys on Friday; Manic Hispanic on Sunday.
6) Taking photos of the Gene Simmons of Punk Rock: Bryan Kienlen
7) The Tiltwheel boys/gentlemen/drunks/whateveryouwanttocallthem....
8) Mel – give your notice at Destroy All & the Troub – Go out and be a comedian!
9) All the East Coast folk who joined us this year! Yeah!

Ms. Jen’s sad things of DIY Bowling 2003:
1) The Binion does not have a lounge band.... no dancing, no singing, no alternatives for sober folk.
2) Being separated at bowling. Maybe next year the boys should bowl in one room and the girls in the other. Taliban style.
3) Getting sick with the flu before leaving for Vegas, being sick all through the weekend, staying sick when back home. :o(

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All Photos by Jenifer Hanen except where noted.
© 2003

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