DIY Bowling - Fri. 2/7/03
Photos by Lisa Johnson ( for
If we have names wrong, email us the corrections! ;o)

5th Annual DIY Bowling Tournament
Big Giant Thanks To BYO Records!!!!
3rd Annual Photo Coverage of the Best Drunk Punk Event on the Planet!

Wanda and her tongue!** Wanda’s Top Ten Best o’ Bowling:

10) Seeing a familiar face when I got off the plane – Thanks!
9) The music at bowling – why can’t they play that at Java Lanes?
8) Finally finding the Starbucks in the Golden Nugget – on the last day!
7) Tinkinator!!
6) Not remembering where my room was – thanks for letting me in!
5) The Irish Brothers at the Double Down Saloon
4) My teammates! You guys rock!
3) Seeing Hopeless/Sub City nearly take the championship. You guys rock!
2) Headbutting Tony in the face – sorry Tony! It was an accident! Really!

And the number one best thing about Bowling 2003….

1) Licking the boys’ balls for luck!


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All Photos by Jenifer Hanen except where noted.
© 2003

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