DIY Bowling - Fri. 2/7/03
Photos by Jenifer Hanen (
If we have names wrong, email us the corrections! ;o)

5th Annual DIY Bowling Tournament
Big Giant Thanks To BYO Records!!!!
3rd Annual Photo Coverage of the Best Drunk Punk Event on the Planet!

Tony and Lucky!Lucky di Palma’s Warm & Fuzzy Bowling Memories:
* Real "blue hairs" in Vegas might have actually outnumbered the old ladies with bad dye jobs for once!
* Wanda headbutting my cheerleader! Whatta vicious vixen!
The "burger as big as your head". Really!
*"Sex - $10.00" As seen advertised on a conversion van parked at the 7-11 on Freemont.
*17 is downstairs from 20. You cannot go up there from here.
*Coaching strategy: Karl - 4 drinks before the 1st game. April - a dozen drinks the night before the 1st game.


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All Photos by Jenifer Hanen except where noted.
© 2003

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