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Black Flag at Alex's Bar - Sunday, Sept. 14, 2003

Photos by Jenifer Hanen
Crowd photo by Alex

Photo by Alex Hernandez

Conversation in our corner of Alex's during the middle of the first "My War" set:
Jen: "Some bands should not do reunion shows, and if they do they should limit their songs to 3 minutes."
Wanda: "One minute!"

I am going to make no attempt at writing a review of the surprise Black Flag reunion show at Alex's Bar here, as everthing I have to say is said in more detail and with greater humor by Chris Ziegler in his Black Flag review in the OC Weekly. Go read it. Then look at the photos that were taken off the cuff with a disposable camera* that I found in the car...

*Please excuse the quality of the pics, as my scanner has been duking it out with Windows.

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Black Flag

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