August 2009

Jason Boland and the Stragglers

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Jason Boland.jpg

Even though he's from Oklahoma, Jason Boland at the Mint Friday night made me (again) want to move to Texas where going to dancehalls every night is a viable option.

Will Hoge at the Mint

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If you were a fan of Ryan Adams' Gold CD, you need to have Will Hoge on your radar. Because Will's similar to Ryan, except he's not boring.

Will Hoge.jpg

Will performed a last-minute show at The Mint earlier tonight. He'll will have a new album (The Wreckage) out in the coming weeks: full CD/digital release will be available September 29th, but you can get it on vinyl starting August 25th. And the first single from the album, "Even If It Breaks Your Heart," is available digitally starting tomorrow, August 11th!

Green Again

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Because one night with Pat Green just wasn't enough.

Pat Green at HOB Anaheim.jpg

Band of Heathens

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Band of Heathens.jpg

Band of Heathens, from Austin, Texas, at the Mint last night. They became superstars in the Americana world last year, but are still finding their following in LA. That's okay. They'll get it. Pick up their sophomore album One Foot in the Ether when it comes out on September 15th.

A Boy from Austin in the City of Angels

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Pat Green at HOB.jpg

Pat Green at my favorite venue, the House of Blues on Sunset on Sunday night. I'm actually shocked that this picture came out anywhere near as clear (ahem) as it did, since I was a little tipsy, thanks to some Marines from Texas that I made friends with (they'd noticed my Cross Canadian Ragweed baseball hat, and that I was singing along to every Wade Bowen song, and asked if I was from Texas. I said no, but that I was tryin' to get there as quick as I can).

Pat's playing at the House of Blues in Anaheim Thursday night. I'm going to that show, too, where I'm sure there will be more drunken debauchery.

Texas Comes to California

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Texan Wade Bowen made his California debut this week, opening a string of shows for fellow Texan, Pat Green, as well as playing a handful of solo dates, like he did last night at Cowboy Country in Long Beach. You can catch Wade and Pat tonight at my favorite venue, the House of Blues, LA, or Wednesday night at the House of Blues, San Diego. If you make that road trip to San Diego, let me know so I can tag along.

Wade Bowen.jpg