June 2009

LA Roadster Show

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Pics from last weekend's LA Roadster Show:



Of course, some people found it more interesting than others:


Beautiful Wreck

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Shawn Mullins.jpg

Shawn Mullins earlier tonight at the Mint. The only thing possibly better than this show (I mean, c'mon, people - Shawn Mullins at the Mint!!!!) was the bus ride home...which involved a late bus, a transvestite named Stephanie, a missed subway connection, an immediate change of plans to another bus (which was also late), a badly needed restroom stop at a shady bar at Hollywood & Highland (with no toilet seat covers!), and finally - a bus ride home. Good-ness!

Willy Porter

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Willy Porter.jpg

Willy Porter earlier tonight at the Hotel Cafe. If you weren't there, don't worry - you can still catch him tomorrow night at the Grammy Museum.

Runaway Hair

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Wow. Do I have to read *one* more review of how AWFUL Kristen Stewart's new Joan Jett-inspired hairdo is? The truth is, folks, I LOVE this hair, I HAVE this hair, and I WORSHIP this hair. It's better than the hair KStew started with, and let's face it, copying Joan Jett's hair to play her in the new Runaways movie is not the worst KStew could do. No, the worst she could do is to pretend to be Joan Jett in a movie about the Runaways, pretend she knows ANYTHING about rock n' roll, and pretend that she's an actress. Oh, wait. She's already done all that. I guess the hair isn't the worst thing, now is it?


Random Nashville Jam Band

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I spent most of this week working in Nashville during the radio remotes from the CMA Music Festival. It was a crazy, busy week, getting up at 4am nearly every morning and not going to bed until past midnight. Fortunately, we had some free time last night, so while waiting in the hotel lobby for my friend Jenna to pick me up for the Kasey Chambers/Shane Nicholson show at the Belcourt Theatre, I snapped the following pic of a random Nashville Jam Band playing Billy Joe Shaver's "Georgia on a Fast Train."

Random Nashville Band.jpg

Ain't Nashville grand?

Tim Easton

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Tim Easton.jpg

A KILLER show from Tim Easton Friday night at the Mint. If you happen to be in the Joshua Tree area next Friday, you'd do yourself well to go to his CD release party at The Starlight Courtyard.