November 2008

Land of the Sweets : The Burlesque Nutcracker

For folks in Seattle and Chicago who love the holidays and burlesque, you are in luck this December! The nice ladies and gentlemen at the Land of the Sweets burlesque troupe are putting on their own version of the Christmas classic, The Nutcracker.

I want to know when they will be putting on a Los Angeles show?!?!?!?

Heads up on this show via Gapers Block.

Take Time....

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To smell the roses and to enjoy the beauty of all flowers!


James Intveld

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James Intveld.jpg

James Intveld at Billy Block's Western Beat radio show at Cadillac Ranch in Nashville, Tennessee earlier tonight. Help him continue his birthday celebration at Joe's Great American Bar and Grille in Burbank this Saturday, November 15th.

Why Miss Kitty Rocks!

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Me as Amy Winehouse, originally uploaded by kittykowalski.

She went as Amy Winehouse for a Halloween costume contest! O' Miss Kitty, you rock!

Young Punx + WarriorGrrl = MASHitUP

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Wed 11.05.08 - In May, whilst in London, through a bunch of other friends, I met the fabulous WarriorGrrl (aka Laura Kidd) at the Food 2.0 NomNomNom contest. I was a judge and Laura was video-ing the event. We bonded within about 10 minutes due to similar hair color - birds of a colorful feather will flock together.

I did not learn that Laura was a bass player (for many bands, including Tricky) and a singer for the Young Punx collective until much later. But I love this video of Laura singing MASHitUP with the Young Punx crew, as it perfectly conveys her energy & creativity.

Laura is also very active in the web / Social Media Scene in London, like the Tuttle Club, on top of her music / creative career.

I would love to see creative, music, and other assorted LA art folk get more involved in and active in a social media and community sharing here in SoCal. I know we are out there, but it seems so MySpace based. Comment here and let us know if you are creating & sharing online in a non-MySpace environment!

Why? Because for the's 10th Anniversary we are going to do a series of Tuttle Club like events to get musicians, artists, and other web/creative folk together and have a good meetup!

One Flew South

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One Flew South.jpg

One Flew South performed a free concert to celebrate the Brandin' Iron's 16th Anniversary on Tuesday. I practically grew up at this San Bernardino bar, so I felt that I knew its clientele well enough to know that maybe this was going to be a tough crowd (they're a group that typically likes cover bands, and who may not get an artistic group like OFS). Happily, though, the crowd really reacted well, the band played for a solid hour and a half, and sold a good number of CDs.

Brandin' Iron Marquee.jpg

And really, the best part for me twenty years from now, when someone asks, "Where were you when Barack Obama was elected President?", being able to say, "I was home."