The Finish Line


My significant other calls me "80% Wanda" because I never finish anything. Filled with creative energy, I start hundreds of projects, complete about 80%, then stop. I get excited and move on to another project. Material cut out waits to be sewn, towels sit, half-embroidered, and scrapbooks linger with photos waiting to be affixed to their pages.

But no more!

My summer resolution is to tackle all the unfinished projects around the house, from the Halloween scrapbook to the baby onesie that currently won't fit the baby it was intended for (no matter, there are plenty of babies around).

I vow to take on these projects before starting another, and to post the results here. So there!


My first finished project was this embroidered t-shirt - the Howdylicious! T-shirt, or Shirtalicious! I must have started this two years ago after seeing a similar t-shirt for over $150 at Nordstrom. I actually completed the embroidery (the hardest part), then got distracted and never glued on the rhinestones. I also never wore the t-shirt. But finally it's done! And while I think it could use some more embroidery, I think it's pretty damn cute.

Here's the detail:


And the back:

What do you think?


I hear ya sister. But I'm more 20% Tink. I start something and work on it to about 20%, then leave 80% unfinished FOREVER!!! I also think we come from the same genes of procrastination, my mom has been feeling the same way, so I made her read this blog. I think it was her first blog she ever read.

Cute top, too! Can you make me one? I want one with the birds!

Tink - I can make you one! Go to your closet, or your Target, or somewhere and get a top that you want the birds on. It can be a t-shirt, sweater, or blouse. Try it on and put safety pins or tape where you want the birds, then give it to me when you see me next or mail it to me. I'll make it for you!

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