August 25th Film Releases

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Happy Friday! I am in dreadful need of a full night's uninterrupted rest, a square of dark Venezuelan chocolate, a blood donor technician who can actually hit my vein, and a hairdresser who can fill in my roots and cut my hair for under $80; but you my readers, you get my picks.

1) The Brothers Grimm
2) The Alzheimer Affair

I finally saw Wedding Crashers this week and it was hysterical. I haven't laughed that hard during a movie in ages.

3) Wedding Crashers

The Brothers Grimm
A pair of con artist brothers who have made their living off dispelling fake hauntings, stumble on the real thing. Terry Gilliam may be a disaster to any production schedule, but the man has an amazing artistic vision. I just hope this lives up to the hype.

The Cave
A troop of spelunkers goes exploring a cave whose entrance is located within a mysteriously abandoned village littered with bones and skulls.
What did they need? A flashing neon sign shouting, "DO NOT EXPLORE THIS CAVE!! DEATH AWAITS YOU AND YOUR IDIOTIC TEAM!!"

A wannabe actor falls in love with a wannabe rock star. I've got two words that will be the only movie repellant you need - Ashley Simpson.

Dirty Deeds
The cute James Dean Rebel Without a Cause type from Gilmore Girls is starring in his very own B movie. Well, you've got to start somewhere, but that doesn't mean we have to torture ourselves by seeing it.

The Alzheimer Affair
Two detectives track an aging hit man turned serial killer. The twist is that the hit man is losing his memory. Has this been done before, or is this one of those rare movies that can actually be considered to have an original plot?

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