May 2004


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Tecate 4 Tu

It was a carefree evening driving down the 5 freeway, as we headed for East LA with the windows down and the breeze totally screwing up our hair. Yet, there was an air of "bring it on baby" whipping through the car, that is until Frederico lost his way, totally bypassing East LA and ignoring my imploringly "nice" gestures of "I know this area and I think we've gone too far". "I go to Burbank often and we're not too far from there." But, I didn't care, because I had just been to the Boot Barn earlier and snagged a couple of cute shirts on sale, and Carlotta was having problems getting her lip liner on straight, so she was set on her lips, and not the map. Ricardo was along for the ride and the cool cd's playing in the car, until he too realized we were lost and then he got all pissy. When we suddenly approached the hillside of Echo Park, I said to Frederico, "Dammit you stupid bus driver, get the hell off this freeway here, and then turn onto San Fernando Rd. and follow it back, so that WE WILL get to East LA alive, even if we are to die there! (long run on sentence).

The Big Picture sums up what is wrong with the Music Industry in one sentence chock full of links.... (via Pho)

The Big Picture finishes up the post with the question:

How are these guys still in business?

This is a danged fine question. I frequently wonder when the multi-national media conglomerations (oops ... corporations, sorry... or are they...) that own the major labels are going to either close them down due to lack of quarterly profits or sell them off as Vivendi is/has done with Universal Music Group or as AOL/Time-Warner is doing with Warner Bros. Records.

A return to long-term vision, willing to wait for long term returns rather than quarterly profits, as well as embracing new technologies and new ways of distributing recorded music will be the first step for the majors towards returning to arts/music friendly business practices.

Monty Python's Eric Idle has a lovely litte song about the FCC and the current Bush/Cheney admin that is funny and worth a listen if you need a good laugh. (Via

Last Remaining Seats 2004

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"Each June for the last seventeen years the Los Angeles Conservancy has been presenting classic films in the historic theaters of Broadway. In a time when most movies are viewed on television screens or in the unremarkable box-like spaces of the multiplex, an evening of film in one of Broadway's opulent entertainment palaces has a magic that transports viewers to another time,another place --"

Continue reading, view photos of the glorious movie palaces of Los Angeles's past & purchase tickets at the LA Conservancy's homepage. Make sure to get your tickets as far as possible in advance, as this yearly event sells out quickly!

The Last Remaining Seats
Sponsored by the Los Angeles Conservancy

All shows begin at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m.

June 2 Some Like It Hot - Los Angeles Theatre
June 9 Sunrise - Orpheum Theatre
June 16 Gold Diggers of 1935 - Alex Theatre
June 23 La Otra - Orpheum Theatre
June 30 It Happened One Night - Los Angeles Threatre
July 7 Shanghai Express - Orpheum Theatre

$73+, entire series
$13-17 per individual showing

Photo: Tom Zimmerman

Coachella Music and Arts Festival

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Great bands- (Pixies, Flaming Lips, Cure, Radiohead, Muse, Moving Units, International (Noise) Conspiracy, lots and lots more.

Not so great weather- It was 113 on Sunday.
The only place there was air conditioning was in the film rooms.

The highlight of my weekend was dancing to Electric Six. They put on one of the best live shows I have ever seen. I have never danced so hard.
Oh and I also had fun living with 21 people in one house all weekend.

Tiki Oasis After Party

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DJ Jonee and others from Sinking With The Ship.
DJs start at 8:00, bands at 9:00

Bigfoot Lodge

James Intveld Of all the bands I've seen over the years, I always seem to come back home again. That's what I did last night at the Doll Hut in Anaheim. I've been going to see James Intveld for well over a decade, and I've recently found myself thinking about all the years and all the bands, because I've sort of taken a step back to reflect. I suppose I'm the type of person who is loyal...who doesn't forget roots, and the people I started out with, but then again, when those people have true talent, it's extremely easy. I wouldn't care if James Intveld was famous or infamous... he delivers the kind of music I like, and I have admiration for his songwriting and tenacity in this business. It's that simple, and I like simple things. Therefore, he will always be number one in my book. I can tell you why, and then I can't tell you why, because life is a mystery. But, I sure am glad I know when I am home!

I was sitting in my car when the Western Continentals started their set, and from the first note I heard, I knew I would like their music. The evening flows so smoothly when I hear one song and know immediately that I will like the band. The first song echoed through the night sky and literally sounded better from outside than when I stepped foot into the room itself. Now, that is great sound! If you like country music you will like the Western Continentals, and so I highly recommend them.

Special thanks to Eddie (Hellbound Hayride) and Jimmy for their acoustic version of Relentless!

In retrospect, if I were Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I would tell you "there's no place like home" and to keep following the Yellow Brick Road, because what your heart tells you is always true. Be true to your heart...true to the sound you like and you won't be disappointed!